H1B Petition is Filed in April 25th 2012


H1B New petiton is filed on 25th April 2012 and got the recipet in May 10 2012, when i check my visa case status its still showing the Initial Review.

Generally how many months it will take for the petition approval.




Generally decision process ( Approval/Denial/RFE) takes place in 2 to 6 months depends on the processing centers. Normally you can expect in 3 + months if your lucky :). USCIS site says 60Days ( May be the working days )

Thanks for your quick response…
It was filed with California service Center

My case is pending since last 9 months. It was filed on nov-11. Status is initial review. I am not sure if online status is correct.

Mine is same case as urs. My case got filed on 25th with WAC and still in initial review status. I talked with my employer to request to change to premium but they telling me it takes 3000$ more to convert to premium. I am worried now. Why it is taking this long time…

Thats true. Most employers are not ready to convert into a preminum because of the cost involved.