H1B Petition is approved, shall i go for L1 now?


In June 2012 i applied for H1B and on October 29th the H1b petition is approved.

Now my company want to do L1 for me and send US for 1 year, but they dont know about my H1B petition.

Please let me know if i go for L1, what are the issues may come?

Is My H1B petition will cancel?

Is company will come to know about my H1B petition?

If i go for L1 interview is there any chance of asking questions about H1b petition?

Please let me know what other problem may i face in this situation?

Thank You,


As far as I know, you cannot lie in the application, where they ask if you have any approved/ denied visa before. Your company will obviously come to know it when they go thorugh your application.

Having H1 approved will not impact your chances of getting L1.

There are chances that questions may be asked on your H1 when they pull up your records during the interview.