H1B - Petition expiring soon

Hello Experts

I already have an approved H1 B petition which was filed for me by Company A in 2014. As per the validity dates on petition it is expiring on 30/06/2016.
I would like to understand if the petition gets expired what options do I have.

1- Can I renew the petition from India ? if yes what is the process for the same.
2- If it gets expired and if in future I have to travel to US do I need to go through the lottery process again? or using reference of this H1B petition I can follow some process to get Visa stamping?

An employer (same or new) will have to file a cap-exempt petition for you. This doesn’t need to go through the lottery if it is filed prior to 2021 (6 years from original approval date). Once approved, go for visa stamping and then travel to US to work for the employer.