H1b petition expiring by Sep 2013, Can I go for stamping now


My H1B petition expiring Sep-2013 and I have not travelled to US. I got a project now and will be going for stamping in the first week of Aug. The requirement is kinda urgent so they can’t wait for cap-exempt request. My Immigration dept agreed to file an extension on Premium once I go to US. Now I have 2 questions.

  1. Can VO or POE officer deny Visa in this case.

  2. Any one has travelled with similar situation and if so what are the questions asked.

Thanks a lot for your time and this site is very useful for US aspirants.

No, they won’t deny it b/c of the validity dates. They will issue visa and I-94 for the short duration. Be prepared to answer questions related to when the extension will be filed and ensure your employer is ready w/ all paperwork related to extension filing as you won’t have much time after reaching US.

Okay, thanks a lot for the information. Appreciated. I was very afraid actually :slight_smile: