H1B petition expired, need to re-initiate H1B process

I’m wondering if i get some information from you guys in re-initiating my H1B visa process.
Here is the history of my H1b, please have a look and provide your views.

H1B Applied thru Company A and got the visa stamped (@Chennai, India) on my passport on 09MAR2011 valid till 06MAR2013. 
I've not travelled on H1B to USA, and joined with Company B(current employer) 

I tried to get the petition transferred to the current company, but i could not do that as the employer is not having policy of processing H1B visa to employees. 

So i had to go for B1 visa processing from the current company. 
During the B1 visa interview, unfortunately my H1B stamping gt cancelled, by stamping "VISA CANCELLED WITHTOUT PREJUDICE"on my passport. 

I'm writing this to understand whether is there any possibility in getting my H1B back with other 3rd party sponsor. 

Note: In my VISA stamping, it is mentioned as PED 18OCT2013. 
Even i'm not holding the necessary documents like I797, LCA and other stuff with me. 

Here are the questions I've, 
a) Can i extend my petition? if Yes, how it can be done? 
b) Can i get the copies of all required forms like I797, LCA, etc, from UCIS? 

Please help me in getting the things resolved. 

Thank you 

a) No, you must go for stamping again from same employer with all necessary docs

b) U can get them, ask your new employer to file a Cap-Exempt Petition for U. U must have case Number though, Case Number would do