H1B Petition denied for the 2014 cap

Hi All, My company has filed H1B 2014 for me, it was denied as the RFE documents which i submitted were wrong.

I am working for a level 5 company, they are not willing to share the receipt number and the denial reason.

Is there any way to get this issue solved ? Also i requested them to file MTR, they rejected saying as per the companys

policy they cannot file. :frowning: . Please help if any thing else can be done.

My spouse is having h1b, please let me know the procedure to convert my H4 to H1B for 2015 cap.

Suggest you appear for H4 stamping at the same time as your wife’s H1 stamping. You can think of applying for H4-H1 CoS for next year once you come to US…

Hi Vamsisv, Thanks for your response, I have another query,
Please tell the risks involved in coverting H4 to H1
Also what if H1b gets denied ? Then Can i continue on H4 ?

Risks depend on the company filing the H1 and your profile. If everything is normal, it should be pretty straight forward given that you make it in the lottery.

Also, if H1b is denied, in most cases it will not affect your H4.