H1B petition approved with old passport - Name Mismatch between I-797 & New passport

Hi All,

      My H1B petition is approved with the beneficiary name as XXX YYY , No Name Given.

While filling DS 160 form for my stamping , i realized that my surname in the passport is BLANK with the given name being XXX YYY . Hence my company immigration team suggested me to reissue new passport by splitting the full name into XXX as the given name and YYY as the surname.

Now that i have to proceed with stamping , my company immigration team are asking me to provide the details as per the new passport while filling DS 160 form. However my question is that since there is a discrepancy in the name between I-797 & my new passport, will it cause any problem during stamping or once i land to US. If yes , how can this be rectified.

I-797 form :

Beneficiary Nam : XXX YYY , No Name Given

Old Passport :

Surname : (BLANK)

Given Name : XXX YYY

New Passport :

Surname : YYY

Given Name : XXX