H1B Petition Approved...Need help on Interview

Dear Experts:

I need your suggestions here as I feel I have a complicated case…

My H1B petition was filed through a small US based company (with fewer than 25 employees) and it got approved.

But now the problem is my employer is not able to provide a client letter or a contract letter from his clients reg my job. However, my employer is confident of keeping me at work once I am there, it’s just that he’s not able get the relevant documents.

My employer has paid the petition filing expense, atorney expense and he’s even ready to pay my travel to the US.

Pls. suggest me what supporting document should I carry if I have to get the stamping?

Also, I am resident of Hyderabad and I am planning to appear for Interview from Delhi.

Thanks in advance!

Hi abhiramsweet@gmail.com .thanks

Your employer should also be willing to pay you the salary after you land in US through them. If they don’t pay you the salary, then all the good work they have done on you will go to waste.

As long as they are paying you the salary as per LCA, you can be in US and search for projects/clients. If not, its better to be outside US and search from there.

What job description and project information did they include in the petition filed to USCIS?

Thanks for your response Saurabh.
I am pretty sure my employer would pay me a minimum amount although I am working or not…

An itinerary was given in the petition which says I would work in say…Birmingham for one year (at Client place) and next 2 years at my employer’s head office(say…FL), while we only have an SOW I do not have any other docs…
As such the petition(RFE response) only includes the itinerary and a contract letter with the client (contract expires by Sep’13, which would get renewed) and small brief about software engineering and my employers requirement to hire me…

Pls. suggest… :slight_smile:

You can carry whatever documents you have and were submitted during RFE. It is not mandatory for consulate to ask for client letter but if they really want to look at the client letter, then they will issue 221g and you will have to arrange for it.

The other option is that your employer markets your resume around and finds you another project. Then they file new LCA and H-1 amendment for that client project and you appear for stamping w/ that information and documents.