H1B petition approved FY 2012 but could not get H1B Stamp

[b]Hi, [/b]

[b]I am working as a Sr. SAP PM Consultant with more than 11 years experience.[/b]

[b]My Company had applied in June 2012 for my H1B and my H1B petition is approved and it’s valid up to Sep.2015.[/b]

[b] Due to release from the project, I could not get my H1B Stamping. Now I left that company. Will that H1B Petition help me .. or can I use that petition for H1B Stamping… Pl. guide. My email id neeraj.bses@gmail.com[/b]

If you find another employer willing to do an H1 for you, then you can use the previously approved petition to get a new H1(aka H1 transfer). you would still need to get it stamped though once your new employer’s petition gets approved.

Anybody who has actually done this?