H1B petition approved from 2013 -2015 and now it is in revoked state

My H1B petition approved from 2013 -2015 and now it is in revoked state. I have never gone for visa interview. I have never worked on H1B. Please suggest me whether I can go via attorney and process my H1B petition again as I found an employer already? Is that petition comes under CAP exemption as it did not cross 6 years after petition approval (2012) ?

  1. Petition got approved in 2012 until 2015.

  2. Never gone for Visa stamping

  3. Petition got revoked.

  4. Can I use the same petition now with my new employer to avoid H1B CAP?

Was the petition revoked b/c your H-1B employer requested USCIS to do so, or was it revoked by USCIS based on discovery of new information/documents? If former, then it should be possible to get cap-exempt petition filed and approved; if latter then its not possible.

Looks like it was done by my employer. Is there any way I can get the exact root cause, as I can not go back to my previous employer and ask what has happened exactly.

If employer withdrew it b/c they no longer want to hire you, then it still possible to get cap-exempt petition. For this, you need the receipt approval notice, or at least the receipt number.