H1B petition approved, employer not sending for stamping, asking money when i want to quit. is it legal?

Hi, My Sister’s H1B was approved on OCT 2015. Company not sending for stamping, when she said send me for stamping or i will quit. HR asking for Rs. 1.5 Lakhs payment for reliving letter. Is it legal ?

The agreement that my sister signed didn’t contain any payment details / bond. Moreover they issued FAQs which states that if they didn’t send onsite within 8 months, no bond or commitments applies.

Can some one please answer my queries ?

The company is not obliged to share H-1 documents with her.

I assume her Indian employer filed H-1 for her and she is employed w/ them in India. If they are asking for money for the relieving letter, then you have to check w/ company policies and local labor attorneys to check w/ its legality. As per H-1 laws, they cannot ask her for H-1 filing fees, but relieving letter is different.


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