H1B petition approved. Client and location change for stamping

Hi All,

My H1B petition is now approved successfully without a client letter or SOW submitted. But here is the situation. The client for which the petition was applied has now closed the project and most of the team got rolled off. So the position with this client no more exists. Now I have to initiate the stamping process.

Should I go ahead with the visa interview for the current client (the position cancelled now from the client side). OR Should I change the petition or LCA for a new client and location and then go to the visa interview.

Which one is advantageous.

Please let me know if anyone came across such a situation.

Thank you,


Hey …Congrets . Did you not get any RFE ? if so can you please share the details , because I applied for H1 for in house project and the project for my employer is getting over in Dec so they have raised a RFE for the same . Please let me know if you got any RFE and the duration they took .

Hi Marsrover

I am facing similar kinda situation. Can you tell me how did you go about your case.
Should I go ahead with the current client or get the LCA filed and go for stamping with new client.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: