H1B petition approved, but the client no longer interested


My employer was trying to get a project( say from client X). speculating that he may land the deal, he initiated my H1B. The petition eventually got approved. But the Client Xhas decided not to outsource a part of the project, for which I was required to visit the client site in the US.

  1. Can I get the stamping done through some other Project(client)

  2. Would there be any formalities required for the same in the form of any document, etc.??

Your employer would need to file an amended petition with new client details . Once the amendment is approved by USCIS , you can use the amended petition to go for stamping.

Just to clarify - it is new LCA followed by H-1 amendment and finally stamping.

Please send your resume and petition approval I797 at richa@aviglo.com

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