H1B petition approved but changing company(India)


I have H1b Petition for fiscal 2014.I do have only NIV receipt number.And i am in India only.

Now i want to change comapny in India only(although the prime aim is and will always be to reach USA).

My queries :

  1. Does US allows company to revoke Petition based on employee no more working from them ?

  2. Would it be possible for me to use Cap-Exempt part in near future, even when my Petition is revoked by my current company ?

  3. How soon should i apply for new H1b Petition after changing the company ?

I understand the safest approach is to get new H1 B petition approved then only resign but I would be resigning .

thanks alot guys for helping me out, in advance.

  1. US Company may revoke H1B, usually they do!

  2. Yes, cap-exempt for 6 Years even if it is revoked

  3. within 6 Years


Please send your resume at richa@aviglo.com.

Frnd… same case with me. I already left company and my h1b petition is approved for 2014. Can new company use this petition? I have I-797b notice with me and case number. Stamping is not done yet… please help