H1B petition approved and valid but not used


I am currently located in India and my current employer A filed H1B for me which got approved by USCIS and is valid till sep 2015.

Because of lack of oppertuinity my current employer did not send me to US on this petition. Also I-797 and I-29 was not shared with me.

I only have the case number with (EAC xx xx xx...).


Now, another employer B wants to offer me a job in US. If my new employer wants to file a new cap exempt petition for me, do i have to provide the I-797 and I-29 to them?

Will EAC recipt number do the needful? What documents will be required to produce from my side to initiate a new cap-exempt H1B by my new employer?

From old employer it is best to have copy of approved petition. If not, just give the new employer the old receipt number and print out of online status showing that the petition has been approved. Old I-129 is never required.