H1B petition approved 2009 but not stamped

My H1B petition got approved on April 6 2009 and did not went for stamping. It was filed under Apr 2008 cap count. For my receipt number status still shows as post decision activity.

I can now apply for new H-1B petition from new employer, all over again, without the restriction of the H-1B cap right? please clarify

  When the new petition is filed by a new employer, it may generally be with a request to extend the H-1B status.
   As nothing gets transferred, neither the new employer nor the employee needs to take any permission from the
   previous employer to file a new H-1B petition.

My new H1-B petition will not come under 2014 april cap count right, please clarify.

Any time my new employer can apply for H1-B petition through normal processing/premium processing, right.please clarify.

I have seen some useful information in 

Currently i am in India.