H1B petition approve as per employer

H1B petition approve as per employer.If my employer does send me for Visa stamping/does not process furthur,

Does employer eligible for refund in case he wish to cancel my petition.

my petition approved on 20-Nov-12.How much time is allowed so that petition can get Visa. From 1st-april-13 USCIS will accept new petitions.After 1st april-13 ,is USCIS granting visa for petition approved in nov-12 to jan-13

thanks in advance.

They don’t get any money back from USCIS if they decide not to pursue your H-1 any further.

You can go for visa stamping any time during the petion’s validity period. However, always carry recent documents when appearing for stamping. This means you can appear for stamping in May 2013 as long as your petition is valid at that time, and you have documents dated within 2-3 months (like emplolyment offer letter, client/project letters etc).