H1B Petetion got Expired and planning New petion

I am Kishore ,I had interview with US embassy on 31 12-2009 for my Non-Immigrant (H-1B) visa in London
At that time my application was kept on hold under 221(g) administrative process and asked me to submit additional documents.
I have submitted requested documents to the embassy.and i have contacted many times to the embassy about status of the application. everry time i got the reply from Embassy people says that there is time frame is set for status.
My I-797B validity for my H1B is showing from 10/01/2009 to 09/25/2012.Its expired now
later after few months they have requested to submit updated employment offer on July 2012. again i have submitted the updated letter.
and this time i got replied says that " a new petition in your name is required If the petition is approved, you will be required to reapply for a visa. "
all these happened when i was in London.Now i move backed to India.
i would like to file new H1b now.is my old application was effects new one. Please advice me how to go further

Your employer will have to file a cap-exempt petition for you using the old petition number to show that you are cap-exempt. Once approved, you will have to re-appear for stamping in India. You will have to mention about the previous 221g in the DS-160 form and the officer will have access to UK officer’s notes.

If you are able to take care of the original questions raised by the officer, it should be fine; else they can again put it into 221g for additional processing.

Is your employer in EC or EVC model?