H1B pending under 221(G); Can I applying for amendment?

I had attended visa interview on Apr 18, 2012. I was asked lot of questions on employer-employee relationship. After 25-30 mins of interview, I was give yellow slip and asked to check the website.

Its been over two and half months, there is still no progress on my case. Last week my employer said we could apply for H1B amendment under premium processing, get the approval and apply for the visa again.

  1. Employer said he will change job description and then amend the H1B, is that a reasonable ?
  2. Will this impact the pending H1B?
  3. What happens if the new H1B is approved before the pending H1B is processed?
  4. If the new H1B is stamped and then a decision is made on the pending H1B, how will the situation be handled?

I would thank you in advance for all the help.

So what did you do? Can you share your experience?