H1b payslips : can they be run later


I came to US in october and i got SSN in 3 weeks . I was on bench for 2 months and my employer dint generate my payslips . He is sayn he will generate payslips now . Will that be problem if they generate payslips of november and december in Febuary .Please help me

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I also need to understand this situation. I came to US in January, but my SSN application was turned down because of some problem with my passport. I have applied for a new Indian passport, but still waiting after two months.

It can be done. But were you paid for november and december ? And if your employer is generating the paystub now will you get your 2012 W2 as well ?

And make sure you continue to get paid regularly now. W-2 for 2012 probably cannot be issued, and this will get added to your 2013 W-2.