H1B out of cap drop box appointment

I got my I797 approval in Nov 2020 and the end date on that notice is March 2023. My previous H1 was valid until Aug 2019 and for that I was eligible for drop box. Mine is an out of cap application as I utilized only 3 years for my first stay in US. I have got my drop box appointment scheduled on Jan 27,2021. As the presidential proclamation is still in place, am I in position to get my stamping done smoothly. Based on that I need to plan my travel. Kindly share inputs

Hi I am on same situation but I am currently in US planning to book appointment In March. Please update me once you have done your Dropbox and share your result. Appreciated… Do you have any clue Dropbox schedule dates are releasing??

Dropbox appointments are available. I booked my appointment on Dec 31,2020 and the earliest date Could pick was Jan 27,2021.

I opened but I couldn’t see any appointments today. Moreever my account getting locked for two times and I didn’t do much but I just checking appointment dates. Its another inconvenience …

Did you drop off your documents? Please share your experience and current status.

Did you get any dropbox appointment? I’m trying from last 2 weeks to get an appointment in Feb 2021 for dropbox (Mumbai) but couldn’t find one.

Currently I didn’t see any available slots for Feb in Mumbai. However you can find many slots in Delhi and kolkotha for whole March. You can book appointment in available locations and reschedule it later if you find in Mumbai. Open once in while and check. I have booked few weeks ago for Mumbai in March .

I’m in the same boat. Were you in India when the presidential proclamation was issued? Please let us know if we can go through dropbox with an exception letter

If thats case you may exempted from PP. please check some of the Telegram groups exclusively on visa stamping and join there and check .

Sorry for late reply. Stamping was smooth. Got back passport within 4 days. In the visa they mentioned “excepted from PP”.