H1B open work Permit

I applied for H1B open work permit visa. Currently, I’m working in USA near to Canada border. If my H1B open work permit approved, can I live with my family in Canada and work in USA using my H1B visa. Am I allowed to cross the border daily using my stamped H1B visa /I797 receipt with Canada Open work permit. With my stay in Canada for living, and work in USA Can I apply for PR after 3years of stay in Canada.
What other options are available?


While you may be able to do this, it may be not practical as you will be wasting lot of time just going through the immigration and customs everyday entering both countries with a risk of denial of entry.
Also from the tax perspective you may be subject to file tax returns in both countries as you will meet the substantial presence requirements for US IRS which again creates complications.
Better to either WFH for a US employer or just get employment in Canada.