H1b Onsite inspection by uscis

Hi Saurabh/all,

I am working as QA for a well known IT company.I got my H1b approved starting from oct 1.I am working for direct vendor of client company.Today in the afternoon when I was in office ,I got call from reception that some Immigration inspector was down to see me.I went down and met a lady who showed me her USCIS badge and asked me questions like job title,pay stub ,job duties and H1b filing related questions.She even talked to my Client site manager and verified me about my Employer supervisor.I was bit nervous at first but answered all the questions right only I was Goofed up in Job title as I answered Software quality engineer working in Quality assurance but as per my petiton it is Quality assurance engineer.

My question is there anyone else being through this kind of inspection?Do they pick this up randomly or it is only where they feel doubt of genuiness.FYI my case is all legal and without any faults ,have nothing to hide?

Does that mean I may again face more inquiries?

Please advise



First time ever I am hearing this.

Did U get the Visa?