H1B on 221g Admin processing. Forgot to fill I-983. Details in thread

I recently had my H1B Interview in Hyderabad. I was on STEM OPT and got my change of status approved for October 1st.
VO was friendly, and asked me basic questions -

how long have you been working for ABC Company ?
What is your salary?
Where do you live in xyz state?

He then asked me if I was ever Out of status, I said no.
He asked me if I was sure, I said yes.

He then told me that they need to manually correct something and it will take an extra day or two, everything else looks good !

I just realized that I did not submit my I-983 for final evaluation after my change of status. This has me worried. I had my interview on Friday, it is currently Sunday, but I’m freaking out a lot. Has anyone been in this situation before ? Any light at the end of this tunnel ?

Dont’ worry much. It could be a data fix issue. Talk to your DSO and make sure you have it all corrected and submitted, if you had missed that part.
Also, even if you had an out of status situation in US, unless it is over 180 days should not have major impact… Stay positive, it will fine. Discuss with your DSO first thing on Monday and check, if all is correct in SEVIS system, if not ask to update that info. Did they give any slip to you ? share a copy here, if so.

Thanks Kumar ! No, I did not receive any slips from the VO. I will discuss with legal associate at my firm and DSO first thing on Monday. Thank you !

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No worries. Stay positive. Do update here once it is all sorted out.