H1B - Old Amendment RFE response, denial chance or withdraw?

Work on EVC model.
5 months back started new project with client A - Amendment filed - got an RFE for expired passport which we haven’t responded yet.

3 weeks back got new Client B project, new amendment filed in premium which got APPROVED (valid till Oct 2022). I will join them Feb 1st and stop client A project.

Now what to do with Client A amendment RFE (for expired passport)? Should we respond or should we withdraw? If it gets denied will it be an issue even though we have new approval?

​​​​​​​Please any suggestions will be great.


Your immigration lawyer should know the best step ahead and you must follow their advice.

As your client B amendment is approved, you can withdraw client A amendment however if you had material changes with client A for which you filed the amendment and you started the client A project on receipt of amendment, and now you withdraw then it means you worked for client A without proper USCIS approval/authorization. This could be a violation.

No issues.