H1B/Not travelled to USA/Looking for extenstion or cap extemption.

Hi I have an H1B Valid till Jan 2014.I have not been able to travel to USA till date.Due to some constraints I will be able to travel only in Feb 2014 from my present company.Can you please answer my below querries.

1.Can I apply for extension from India.

2.Else can I opt for an H1B cap extemption once my petition get expired.

3.By when cap extemption can be filed and how long will it take.


  1. U cant extend it from India/wherever, as it was unused

  2. U can file Cap-Exempt thru the same employer or a new

  3. Cap-Exempt petition can be filed anytime in a given year, it may take 2 to 6 months depending on the case