H1b not picked in Lottery: 2nd masters visa stamping

I came to us for masters in july 2008.

[b]Masters  [/b]  :  august 2008 to december 2010

[b]CPT[/b]            :  No cpt dusring masters


[b]OPT :[/b]

1st                        :    02/14/2011 to 02/13/2012

stem extension :  02/14/2012 to [b]07/14/2013[/b]


[b]H1b  [/b]     :Applied for h1b on april 1st 2013  ad/pp/vermont  no response yet.


I am currently on opt till july 14th, i have got an acceptance from one of the universities for mba program starting july 1st.

I plan on leaving my job and attending the university for 6 month then I will apply for CPT.


I have to go to india in august 2013.

[b]The visa on my passport has expired on may 22 2013.[/b]

With my new i20 can I go to canada for visa stamping or should I go back to india to get my visa stamping?

I have herd some one say that we can send the paperwork to embasy with out the need for an interview in some cases, do i qualify for that?




I don’t know how easy it is to go to CA for F-1 visa stamping. Regarding your other quesiton, F-1 visa holders do not qualify for interview waiver program in India. So you have to appear for F-1 visa stamping.