H1B not approved yet need to continue in L visa

Hi, I got lottery H1 from an external contractor A, (not approved yet) and as they dont have much opportunities, I would like to continue with my current employer with my L1 visa. I read that if I go to India and come back after the approval, I can use my L1 and can save the H1B for later.

My question is : If I go before the approval of H1B, and come back after the approval…can I continue with my L1 with my current employer and keep my H1B safe and can use it for later? I dont want to loose my H1B somehow. Please help


2 things need to happen:

  1. You should leave US while H-1 is still pending and then return after Oct 1. Doesn’t matter if your H-1 gets approved by that time or not. When you enter on L-1, you can continue working on L-1.

  2. You can use H-1 in future only if it gets approved in first place. If the employer withdraws it while it is pending, then you will have to go through the cap again.