H1B NOID(Intend to Deny)


I have received NOID(Intend to Deny) from USCIS after responding to the 1st RFE. Initially, I have received RFE to submit evidence for the “Maintenance of Status” for the CPT as I am studying a Ph.D. from the University Of Cumberlands.

The following statement they have mentioned into NOID.

“SEVIS I- 17 records indicate the UC is only authorized to host F-1 students as its main Williamsburg, KY campus.”

As UC has many campuses in the USA, I am going to Virginia location for my regular classes.

I am aware of that, there are many cases from the University of Cumberlands who got approval after getting the same RFE.

Questions: What are the evidence I can use? What are the legal information should I use? What should I include in response?

I have only 25 days to respond.