H1b max out rules in case I had been out of USA if


if after 1 year of working in USA on h1b visa I went back to India and worked from there for more than a year. Then I came back to USA again and had been working here for almost 3.5years now. I know for a fact that the maximum I can stay on h1 in USA is 6 years. So my question is, will my 6 year max out period start from the beginning or will it start from the second time I came to USA after more than a year.

for eg if I started to work on h1in the month oct 2007 and went back to India after 6 months and then came back again in nov 2009. Since then I am in USA on h1.

so now should my h1 max out in: April 2015, or October 2015?

Clock will start from your current entry since you have spent more than 1 year outside.