H1B Madness and Confusion

I have been following some of the other articles and comments on H1B. I understand some people are already getting intimation of there application being selected in the lottery process.

After reading the comments, I checked and there was no information with my employer/attorney. I am not sure do USCIS send bulk emails telling people you are selected?

I am assuming that they would have already selected 85000 names till now and may be 10%+ for reserves. Some more information how this works after lottery will be helpful?

Hi Karan,

USCIS do not send bulk emails. After conducting the lottery, USCIS feeds the “lottery winner” petitions into their systems. That is when a receipt number is generated. Adding 85,000 entries will take a lot of time and man power. As USCIS employees enter the info, receipt numbers will be generated. The priority is determined by Premium Processing or Regular Processing. Under that, petitions selected under Advanced degree are usually notified first.






Last year receipts kept coming for Priority in emails until the cut off date provided by USCIS (May 11 this year) to start processing PP petitions. Receipts for regular processing followed in mail, and some until May/June.

I hope this answers your questions.



PS - not a legal advice but have been through the painful process thrice.