H1B lottery Selected; Chance of travelling to UK or SAUDI


Being tried for many years(9) to go to US, got selected in lottery this year…!!! Couldn’t express my happiness in words…! It was from outside but not with my current employer. I got the lottery status but no other updates from consultancy.

Now, My employer wants me to travel to either UK or Middle-Ease (SAUDI) for 3-6 months project.

My plan is to complete this 3 months project and then resign to utilize my H1B.

Just wanna check with you guys, Will it create any issues to my H1B (lottery selected - further processing required). Please let me know your suggestions.

You’re not on H1 or in the US so it does not matter.

When did you get to hear about the selection? actually my employer is yet to hear anything on my status (even if it could be a rejection)… So just trying to find out if there are approvals coming out around this time too…

1 month back. Just chill dude… whatelse we can do…