H1B lottery receipts for 2018

My Employer/Lawyer haven’t received a H1B Lottery receipt for my petition until now (May 02). Until when USCIS will mail h1b receipts? (If someone was picked from the lottery) Are people still receiving receipts? Please kindly advise.

You can wait till mid May to May end.

Thanks for the reply! 05/03 USCIS announced that they finished processing H1b Petitions. With that until when we can expect for receipts? Or it’s over now?

They just mentioned that they finished data entry of the selected petitions into their internal system, which is the first step after lottery.

After this, they will start mailing out the non-selected petitions back, so people who did not get into lottery will start receiving the petition back.

Simultaneously, people who got selected will also receive the receipt notices. So, please wait patiently till you receive either one from USCIS.

Thanks again for the reply! My understanding was, by the time they finished data entry, it created all the receipts notices and cash the checks for the petitions which are selected from the lottery (For all 85,000). Someone told me if you not get any receipts within a week (05/10) most probably you haven’t picked from the lottery. Is it not the case? Can we still expect receipt notices after that? Is there any chance that they will send receipts notices to selected petitions once they finished the data entry?