H1B lottary DSO gave me a receipt number but no info from attoney?


My H1B (AD/RP) applied April 1st week. My OPT status expires in July. As per my attoney I have not received receipt for acceptance. So i called my college DSO and she looked at the sevis and she told my OPT is extented till september 30 (from july30). She gave me a receipt number like WAC13137 5****.

My question:

Is there receipt delay and I got selected in lottery?

what does automatic cap gap extension means? I dont need to file a cap extension? Is my H1B visa pending or approved?

Thanks in advance

Yes, the receipt notice is sent through USPS mail, which will take more than one week to be delivered.

Once your SEVIS record is updated with the receipt number, it means that you have made it into the lottery.

You have to get an I-20 from your school DSO that will authorize you to continue your employment from when your OPT card expires i.e. July 2013 to Sep-30 2013. You have to get that I-20 before your OPT expires in July, otherwise you cannot work from July to Sep-30.

Your H1 is still in pending, use the receipt number to check status until it says decision made with approval/denial and then you will receive the same through USPS mail similar to the receipt notice.

Follow up.

I called my DSO on Monday. They told me the receipt number.

My attoney mailed me today stating the my application is picked, with same receipt number.

So my conclusion

AD people (still waiting) can check with their schools to know whether you application is accepted. If you SEVIS updated (you should be able get the receipt number from there) then you can be sure that your application is accepted for the processing.

Thank you