H1B LCA amended petition after original petition validity

I am currently in India. My original H1B petition validity was 30th September, 2015. However, my company filed for LCA Amendment without extension in June 2015 and I received the receipts for the same on 30th July, 2015. I am still waiting for my amended petition. Will USCIS be sending the LCA amendment petition even if the original validity (read 30th Sept, 2015) gets expired (Since it is filed without extension)?

Yes… they will.

Looks like your case is filed in regular, not in premium. If you want to expedite convert into premium else these days its taking more time in regular.so be patient and wait for some more time.

Thanks Jathin for the prompt reply.

Yes.my LCA amendment was filed in regular category. I will check with my employer about filing it under premium.