H1B Lay-off, grace period, change of employer doubts


Please help me to clarify my current situation.

  1. I am on H1B and got laid off earlier. My 60 days grace period ending on 30th June. I got a job with Employer A ; they are in the process of filing my H1B petition well before 30th June. So, I believe I can start working immediately after they submit H1B petition to USCIS? Is it correct or I must wait for the receipt number to be generated/sent?

  2. During this H1B application process for 3-4 months till petition is approved, I will be in valid status and will be working. If by any chance my H1B petition got RFE and later got rejected.

  • What will be my status at that time?
  • My 3-4 months of stay during the application process will be considered unlawful or Out of status?
  • What will be my option at that time? Can I submit a new H1B application?

3)At this current situation, I am expecting another offer from Employer B which is better option for me, but it is little unlikely that Employer B can complete all formalities and file H1B petition by June 30th. If they can able to file file by July 7th, will it be accepted by USCIS? As Employer A already filed a petition for me before 30th June, I should be in a valid H1B status. Please let me know if there are any other complications possible with Petition from Employer B in this condition.

thanks a lot