H1b Issued with previous Employer’s I797

I submitted my passport to the US embassy in HYD with my current employer’s I797. But when submitting dropbox appointment the agent asked to submit my previous employers I797 as well. Both my older and current I797s with the previous and current employer are valid till 2024.

When I received the Visa stamp, it shows the petition number and employer name as my previous company and not my present. I need to travel to the US urgently, will this be an issue or do I need to re-submit my passport for a new stamp?

#workvisa #h1b

Visa is not really tied to any employer even if employer name is on it. So you can use this visa to enter the US amd present the valid I-797 from your current employer based on which the CBP officer will issue I-94.
If CBP ask, just explain how your visa got stamped with old employer information.