H1B- is this salary fair?

Hello Saurabh and other experts,

I am in US since '08 and happy with my employer. I am being paid less, I know. However, he is extremely good at paperwork (during extensions), prompt and does not refrain me from any job locations. I basically look for C2C positions myself and I know he makes the bulk of it. However, I have no complaints so far.

With a job change, can you please let me know for C2C rate of $70/ hr, a salary of $90,000 is feasible or its way too less? Employer bears my health insurance.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.



It depends on your perception. In large global SI companies, they bill customer quite a bit and pay a small chunk to employee…Just to put in perspective, some of these companies bill $150 per hour and pay employee about $110,000 per year or so…But, the employees of such large companies are happy with that…So, it all depends on how you perceive it…

If you feel you are not paid fairly, you should ask your employer. You can check with your peers and see, if you are paid unfairly…