H1b is not yet selected but LCA is certified

A month back I received a mail from my Employer saying that my H1B lottery status is “Not yet selected”. However, after 3 weeks I got a LCA mail from same employer. When I checked the same on iCERT, its status is “Certified” on 13-March-2016

Now, I want to know that wheather it is related to H1b selection process. Can I still keep the hope for H1B selection? What should I do next?

LCA is a pre-req for H-1 process and all petitions that are part of lottery need to have LCA certified. So no surprises there.

Unless your H-1 petition is selected (looks like that is not the case), it doesn’t matter what the LCA status is.

Not sure why your employer sent the LCA mail now when it was certified back in March.