H1B is in Initial review status.Can I travel to India for vacation?

I am in H4 visa right now and currently in USA. I applied H1B visa on the 1st of April and my H1B status says “Initial review” I wish to travel to India sometime in the month July for vacation. Can I travel and come back in H4 without affecting my h1 application? Will it make difference if I travel after my Petition is approved or before getting approved?

Yes, you can travel.

If you travel while H-1 is pending then COS will be abandoned. Your H-1 petition may still get approved, but it will be w/ consular processing. This means you will have to file separate COS or enter no stamped H-1 visa.

If you travel after H-1 has been approved w/ COS and return on H-4 prior to Oct 1, then your COS approval will still go into effect from Oct 1 - which means you will be on H-1 from that date and don’t need separate COS or stamping.