H1b interview waiver if previous visa expired after 48 months

My current h1b visa expired in Feb 2019, I have my next Dropbox appointment in June 2023, will I be eligible for drop box as by next June my current visa expiry is more than 48 months?

As per below article, looks like 48 months visa expiry rule for drop box is relaxed. Can you please confirm is my understanding correct?


Do you have any article on your site which captures the latest rules for Dropbox?


Latested guidelines from DHS for IW is below however it applies till 31st Dec 2022. The requirement is just having hold a US visa in any category in past.


So, what happens to my appointment, will it be void?

I dont think so, they might just update and extend the IW in to 2023.

Hello Srimanth

I am in exactly same situation. Could you please let me know are you going with dropbox appointment ?


Did you already booked the appointment? If no, what do you see in the questionnaire before booking the slot?

As per below link, seems to be eligible. I will keep you posted if I come across with others who completed their renewal without any issues.