H1B interview questions - need clarifications


below is my scenario:

I am currently working in XYZ company in india. I applied for H1B through ABC company in US. My petition got approved and i have to take an appoinment for H1B stamping. I am still working in XYZ and not yet resigned (i am planing to resign XYZ once my H1B is stamped)

i have some questions:

If in ambasy the question is "who is your employer? i will answer ABC?
Will there be any question on since how long you are working in ABC company? and what should i answer.
becasue i am not yet onboarded ABC company if the interviwer asks for pay slips should i produce XYZ payslips?

should i carry my latest CV? if yes, then should i include ABC company in CV? or should it be XYZ as my current employer in CV?

right now i am in confused state regarding the questions on current employer.

Your answer should be XYZ company… Since u r still working with it and the ABC you got a new oppurtunity to work for in US. You should carry Current Company Payslips and Latest CV…

Am also in same scenario as you.

But Get experts anwers from this forum… Saurabh will be the best yo answer this