H1B interview questions - first time

I am currently working in XYZ company in india.

I applied for H1B through ABC company in US.

My petition got approved and i have to take an appoinment for H1B stamping.

I am still working in XYZ and not yet resigned (i am planing to resign XYZ once my H1B is stamped)

i have some questions:

If in ambasy the question is "who is your current employer? should i answer XYZ or ABC?

becasue i am not yet onboarded ABC company if the interviwer asks for pay slips should i produce XYZ payslips?

I am working on microsft technologies (asp.net , c#, Ms-sql) how difficult is the interview pattern in US comapnies

Mostly your question should be who is employer rather than current employer and your answer should be your new employer in United States.

Interview pattern are common across all the technoligies. As far as you are good in your technolgy you should be fine to clear off.

thanks for the answer…
so i will answer that my employer is ABC Company.

If the question is how long you have been working with ABC company? what should be my answer. because i am still working with XYZ company in India.

should i answer that i got offer from ABC Company, once the visa is stamped i will onboard the ABC Company