H1B interview in Hindi Language


I am trying to take an appointment of H1B visa in November first week but there is no availability in Delhi consulate for English language. Surprisingly if i select Hindi language, I see certain dates available in October itself.

So my question is, is it advisable to take H1B interview in hindi language? Will it impact anything on my visa?

Can someone please share his/her experience in this regard.


Well, if it was for your parents, it makes senseā€¦but, you as a professional on H1B working in US, may raise some doubts. Again, I am speculatingā€¦the whole intent of native language interview is for people who cannot speak English and cannot communicate. It may be a loop hole in the system, but it can be risky and may impact your interview, as it is not meant for a H1B stamping.

So did you take interview in Hindi? I am also seeing the same thing and want to know your experience.