H1B Interview --- Delhi + Satyam Fiasco 2009 @ Confusion :(

I had a H1B Visa (filed by Employer A) approved in 2008 cap which I did not use at all and it got expired.
Fortunately now Employer B has filed H1B (with cap or cap exempt NOT SURE) and got the Petition approved with 3 years validity say (2013 - 2016).

In My Visa interview can I face following questions? 

1) In the Visa Interview, can I face a question by Visa Officer about not using my previous H1B Visa 
2) If Yes, Can I say that it was because of recession / bad job market in US that I did not travel (or) what could be a valid answer? 


The truth is that my project was never started, and by the way that last visa I had was from Satyam Computer Services, and due to Satyam (A famous Incident) Fiasco in 2009, the project could never start.

Please help if I can mention this in interview, will the Satyam affect can create problem for me in interview ? Now I am in different company and they had filed cap exempt for me. My interview is scheduled for September last week.