H1B interview dates in november, chennai

I have been planning a 6 week visit to chennai for H1B stamping. While completing my paperwork, i noticed my last name was mis-spelt. following up on the error took a good few weeks and now I am not finding any interview dates in chennai for end of november. The earliest I could find was december 10th which I took.

With the new stanley system, it seems impossible to check for other date openings if you have already picked a date so I am not sure how i will change my date when something else becomes available (which is what I was planning to do).

Does anyone have experience changing the visa interview dates in the new system? Any idea how likely is it that dates will open up in november?

the new visa website mention chennai wait time for appointment as 6 days does that mean if i try to schedule in oct can i get appointment ?

No, it means in most cases you will get your passport back with the visa in 6 days after your interview

in new system, rescheduling is possible. There are some dates available in october. today i rescheduled my appointment to oct 17. i have seen 24-30 oct are also available