H1B interview concerns about last year trips to visit company.

I’m going to the embassy interview next week and I’m a bit concerned about two trips I did last year to visit the company. I spent 60 days in US in early 2015, and more 30 days in the middle of 2015. During this time I did some training, learned how the company works, meet everyone and also did some pleasure trips. I did all these trips using B1/B2 visa.

What can the embassy employee ask about these trips? Should I be concerned about? What should I answer? Thanks.

As you traveled for 3 months in a rolling 12 month period, it should not impact adversely. You may be asked about the purpose of the trip etc and reply truthfully. As long as you didn’t do any productive work, you should be fine.

I didn’t do any productive work, just met everyone, attended lots of meetings to learn everyone and how the company works.
I’m just a bit concerned about the first trip as it was a long stay. Thank you for the answer.

Applicants are grilled when the stay is close to 5-6 months. You stayed for 2 months which is 33% of the max time allowed. No need to worry.

Thanks, your words helped me to calm down a bit :slight_smile: