H1B interview At Hyderabad

H1B Interview:
OFC in Mumbai on 22nd Nov
Appointment was at 11:30 AM,
Reached at 11:25 AM , due to the traffic issues. Came out within 10 min. It was very quick, they checked my ds-160 confirmation & passport, then took my picture & fingerprints.

Visa at Hyderabad on Nov 29
Slot at 9:45AM.
I reached there by 8:30AM, there was an office for lockers out side (opposite to the counselor).
They charged 150/- rps.
No phones, smart devices allowed.
No closed envelopes(they sent me out because, i had a closed envelope, with my MS transcripts) and was told to come back again in a queue.
Allotted slot timings were not checked but most of us in the line were of 8-9:45 am. If your slot is at 8:30 they are not allowing inside for quick process.
Security check - strict covid rules were followed.
No food/water, no pen drives/hard disks allowed at security.
So many people were inside for different visas. I was told to go at counter 14, other interview was in process at the same counter & the interviewee’s fingers were placed at the scanner and after that the interviewer asked her to provide offer letter, but the interviewee said, do you also need ds-160? She was told to take her passport back & come back later with offer letter.

Next was mine:
Me: Hello, Good Morning (with smile).
VO: pass me your passport.
She(interviewer) typed something.
VO: whom do you work for ?
Me: client name
VO: what is your end client?
Me: client name again , I am a Fulltime employee to the client.
VO: which state you live in?
Me: mentioned state name.
VO: highest degree ?
Me: Highest degree with university name.
VO: place your fingers
Me: right hand Ma’m?
VO: yes, visa is approved.
Me: thank you, have a good day.

Thanks for all the posts on H1B, helped a lot.

Hope this post helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the little help i am very tense about the interview but it seems it is quite easy noting to worry at all.

The interview had gone quite well, they had asked very similar and easy type of questions.