H1B Interview - 221g - Taken Passport

I have been to H1B interview along with my Wife on Feb 12th 2020, the interview went ok ok, after everything is done Lastly the VO said " Right now i cant issue the visa as petition is not in system,again she said i cant issue unless i see document in the system as of now i am not see any thing in system "
She hasn`t given any form but
when i asked how to followup,then she has given 221(g) yellow form and ticked it other option and wrote
" Petition needs approval".
When my wife asked about passports, VO said it will be with us only, if required any documents we will contact you.

Please someone help me in knowing what is my probability of getting the visa, i am stressed out

Can you post a copy of the form they gave here ?

Please find the 221 (g) what they have given

It seems to me just that they are not able to verify your petition approval in their system. That’s why they held the passport. Usually, their internal system update is not reflecting on what you showed. Just give them few days, it should be fine. If nothing, then email then in about 2 to three weeks. Nothing to worry, stay positive. Do update on how it goes.

Thanks Kumar for your reply. i will be positive and do update the status once done.

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Hello, Last Thursday the status shows updated as on Feb 20th 2020 and content is same as it is. how long normally it will take for petition to update in their system ?

not able to figure out whats going on ?

Administrative processing can take time, it is very hard to know how long they can take. Sometimes few days, sometimes few weeks. All we can do is wait…I wish I had a better answer. Check the 221g Tracker to get an idea, based on user data.


Since Thursday which is Feb 27th 2020 my administrative status remains the same but when i am tracking my passport it is not available at US embassy, When i check from https://www.ustraveldocs.com/ passport information is blank.
Administrative status remains same. whats happening cant guess apart from thinking passport shipped for delivery and no guess about the Visa stamped or not. Bit worried.



since Feb 2020 i have updated status today which is in jun 22 2020. please see the attachment as it says refused. what exactly it means, whether it has been rejected or process still going on .


@r_nunna Refused is the new terminology for “Administrative Processing”.

Thanks for the update. So this means my visa process is still under Administrative processing. it is not actual refusal of my visa.

actually i was worried seeing the message Refused. Hopefully will wait for the best.

They have your passport with them ?

They have returned our passports 2 weeks before, saying that we can’t keep passports much longer, as my passports are with them for 120 days. They have mentioned once everything opens which are closed bcoz of covid 19, and you check ur visa status online once visa issued we will request ur passports for Dropbox.