H1B - InPerson Interview - Chennai

Result: Approved

Consular Interview scheduled at 10:00 AM, 21-Nov-2022 at Chennai.

Reached the location by 9:30 AM, security personnel allowed to enter the premises by 9:45 AM.


Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: Good Morning, please give me your passport
Me: Here it is, officer
VO: Approval notice please
Me: Here it is.(Handed over I-797B notice)
VO: Where are you travelling to?
VO: Who is your employer in US?
VO: Since when you are working for this company?
Me: This will be my future employer. Right now I am working for XXX company here in India
VO: What is your Indian company name, spell it
Me: Told XXX. (I guess he googled it)
VO: What will be your salary in US?
VO: Have you ever travelled to US?
Me: No officer, I haven’t
VO: Have you been denied VISA in the past?
Me: Yes, that was in the year XXXX, later I moved on and got a job here
VO: Wait, I want to check something (He went in for a minute)
Me: (He is back) Yes officer
VO: Are you married and do you have kids?
Me: Yes officer
VO: Isn’t your wife and kid travelling with you?
Me: No officer, she is working here. I will be travelling alone.
VO: Please put your left hand four fingers on the scanner
Me: Sure Officer
VO: Your application is approved. (Handed over the green slip)
Me: Thank you officer (Flying high in sky)

For many people interview was less than 2-3 minutes. It took 10 minutes for me. Stay focussed and confident.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.